December 1, Oskar

┬® M Norrby-4113

Monika: It’s Oscar today. That reminds me about Oscarshöjd.
Åsa: Oscarshöjd? What is that?
M: It’s the place that sparked my garden interest.
Å: Really? How come?
M: It was a nursery and garden shop outside of Gothenburg, where I started to work as a young teenager. I helped making Christmas decorations throughout December. I and Oscar, the 80-year old grand owner of the place, stood in the coal heated greenhouse planning. I remember the smell there, so wonderful of the hyacinths and the moss.
In that green house, no problems existed. I let everything go upon entering to join Oscar. That’s why I like greenhouses so much today, and am so happy to finally have one of my own (photos)! I feel the same kind of relaxation as I did then. Leave all the problems aside when going in there and do some potting and planting and that kind of stuff…
What about you, Åsa? How did your garden interest start?
Å: Oh, that…I think it started in my grandfather’s huge kitchen garden…among high hedges of ripe raspberries…but that’s a completely different story!
What about you guys? What sparkled your interest for plants and gardens?



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