December 2, Beatrice, Beata


Beatrice was what Dante Alighieri called his first love, the eight year old Bice. In his work The Divine Commedy, he meets Beatrice when he enters Paradise. The Divine Commedy is one of the inspirations for the gardens at Quinta de Regaleira in Sintra, outside of Lisbon in Portugal.  For example, the inverted tower, leading the visitor by a spiral staircase down to under-earth grottos and lakes. This Initiation Well, refers to the entrance to hell – Inferno – in the Divine Commedy. The entrance to the tower is well hidden, high up in the park, behind some moss covered boulders. The well was once used for Tarot initiations rites, and the number of steps, as well as the space of the landings are linked to Tarot mysticism. Other sources of inspiration were alchemy, good templars and mysticism.



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