December 8, Virginia


Virginia…Virginia Wolf was a Brittish author and feminist, a member of the intellectual Bloomsbury group in the early 1900’s. Her sister, Vanessa Bell, also a part of the group had a wonderful, romantic cottage garden in East Sussex, Charleston. That could have been the end of our association. But it isn’t. Despite being married to Leonard Wolf,  in the 1920’s, Virginia had a relationship with Vita Sackville-West, who’s famous garden at Sissinghurst, could also have been the end of our association journey. It’s not. Poor Virginia struggled with depressions during most of her life time and in 1941, almost 60 years old, she felt it coming back to her. Instead of continuing the battle, she chose to end her life in a river close to her home.



Another person who commited suicide by drowning, was the second cousin of my grand mother, Ola Nilsson, in Hörup, Skåne. He created his 1,7 ha big garden in the 1920’s. He aimed at keeping it wintergreen, skipping lawns and having ground cover plants of various kinds in the different rooms. Have you ever wondered what garden magic really means, you’ll find it here! In 1963, he felt his forces fainting and instead of seeing his beloved creation decaying, he choose to end his days in his big garden ponds, dressed in tail coat and hat.

We were lucky to visit Ola’s Garden when all selfsown hellebores were in full bloom, when bluebells took over the meadow some weeks alter and to see how the wild garlic that has spread all over the garden after Ola’s death flower and spread it smell all over the place.




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