December 11, Daniel

Daniel, makes us of course think about our Prince Daniel, married to our crown princess Victoria. Daniel comes from a small village in Norrland (although it’s still not northern enough to be called ”northern Sweden”), called Ockelbo. Besides Prince Daniel, Ockelbo is famous for two things. Wij Gardens, a beautiful garden, open to the public, with a slight northern touch to the design. Even in the rose garden. Yes, we could have ended our association there….but we didn’t.

The third thing that Ockelbo is famous for is boats.Especial smaller ones. Originally they were made in plastics, which has now been exchanged to aluminium.

If you have a large enough pond, you can actually have a boat in your garden. Just as Monet had at Giverny in France.


The photo is actually not from Giverny, but from the swedish peninsula, by the east coast. Here, Jan and Carola has a several hectars big ”estate” in the woods, where they have rose gardens, rhododendron woods – and a Monet pond.



But wouldn’t it also be nice to have a ”swimming pond” in the garden?  So you can actually go swimming every morning?

©mnorrby-5581Or something like this? You still have the natural atmosphere from the surrounding woods, yet the pond feels very manmade. An interesting contrast.

©mnorrby-9020If you’re more into a structural style and only want a hint of the natural, a small one like this built into the decking might be an alternative.



  1. Hej, vad jag jag blev för kommentaren och för att jag genom den hittade till er härliga, roliga och inspirerande blogg! Återkommer gärna. trevlig helg! /Lotta


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